What is the definition of Personal Trainer? (the way I see it)

A Personal Trainer is a fitness professional that guides you through your journey, creates your workouts, motivates you during your sessions, and gives you moral support when you need it. It is a person that can be your mentor, your psychologist, your motivator, a person that doesn’t judge you or put you down, a person that shines through you, through your achievements (not through his/hers).

A Personal Trainer in my view talks about his/her clients with respect, and it is always about the client not about the trainer.

Your trainer can look amazing, six-pack and all, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will reach your goal, it shows you that they have achieved something through discipline and hard work, maybe talent and genetics.

Other trainers are not naturally physically gifted but have vast experience in the field, they work hard too and they give you all the support you need.

Then, a question arises: How do I choose my Personal Trainer?

A lot of people ask themselves this question.

A most common way to find your trainer is through a recommendation from a friend, family member, or work colleague. It’s not wrong, but I doubt that it will be a perfect match and you will have the same chemistry. In my opinion, it has a 50-50 % chance of success.

Another way is to post on social media and ask people there. This way, I think, is not the most fortunate one, because people there recommend their friends, or you will be contacted by trainers that are either desperate for clients, or just trainers advertising themselves. This has a 20% chance of success and I don’t really recommend it if you asked me.

I will present you now, 2 successful ways of getting YOUR trainer. They don’t involve any third parties, just you and your trainer.

The first one is to research. Either search on google or find some trainers on social media and then go on their website and read the content. If you think from the first read that it’s all about them, their accomplishments, their body, their story, `I don’t think you should pick that trainer. Why? Because your sessions will revolve around your trainer, the way they have succeeded, not you. It will never be about you and your needs.

Another no-no for me would be to see all these (half-naked) transformation pictures, I’m sure your trainer will ask you for before and after pictures to put up on their website (again, it is about their accomplishments).

If you find stories and testimonials about their clients’ success, written in their clients’ own words then you should keep on reading.

The prices of the sessions should be on the website so you can decide if you can afford it or not.

And most importantly, give yourself a couple of months to see what content they put up on their website/social media. It must be written so you can understand it, short and interesting.

The second successful way of finding your trainer would be to talk directly with them in the gym. Have a consultation, maybe a free tester and then you can decide. Be direct, be yourself and ask questions. Don’t take anything for granted and more importantly, don’t ask your friends if they like the trainer or not. You can make up your mind and remember that you will be the one spending time with that trainer.

And one last thing, make sure that it is about YOU not about them, that they are patient enough and engaged with you 100%.

I hope this article will help you finding your perfect Personal Trainer. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!

Keep fighting!


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