I had the pleasure today to work with a true man, a man that loves his job, a man that doesn’t say it is too hard or more importantly never says: ‘this job is not for me’.

You might think that I met a very important Personal Trainer that taught me things I didn’t know before or a very famous Health Coach that showed me the right diets and right food combinations.

Well, in that respect, I will disappoint you! He is a cleaner.

I helped him today at work to clean the pool area. He is such a good worker, such a good soul. I was impressed by his kindness and his positive attitude towards work and life.

He is a new employee in our company and he has received a lot of nice feedback from the residents already.

Working side by side with him today, felt good, felt amazing, just because I was doing something that mattered for our residents. Cleaning is one of the most important jobs in a gym. If you have a good cleaner, people are happy.

Now, you might roll your eyes and say: ‘same old cheesy story’. Very true!

But my article has a point!

While I was cleaning the drains and moping the floor, I glanced over in the gym and I saw all those men lifting heavy weights. Then a few questions came to my mind: ‘How many of these men would come and clean the floor with me? How many would lift the benches and lounges?’ And the answer was: ‘Not many’.

You see, a lot of people would go in the gym and lift a lot of weights, but if someone asks them for help, they say they cannot, they are busy or the job is not for them.

Ironic, eh?

And then, I look at this young man next to me, moping the floors with me and clean the pool drains and smiling while working and chatting with people. He never complains that it is too hard, or too hot or too cold. He is doing his job with a smile on his face.

I think he was born in another era, when men were men, when men respected women, when men weren’t afraid of hard work.

This young man reminds me of my dad, hard working, gentle, thoughtful and compassionate.

I look up to people that love their job and do it with passion and dedication.

I am trying to be one of these people that do good, lead other to success and care for everyone around me.

Lessons to be learnt: –

  • If you don’t like your job, change it.
  • love what you do!
  • Find your passion, find your drive, be dedicated!
  • We have one life that we know of, why not live it to the fullest?

Until next time…keep fighting and find greatness in everything you do!


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