In a world of technology, even fitness has started moving towards the virtual world. Nowadays, you can do your shopping online, you can book your holiday, your flights, rent a car even find the perfect date. The vast world of the internet has made our lives much easier; at the same time it isolates us from each other and we are not socializing as we used to. When you go out with your friends, everyone is on their devices instead of communicating. That is the downside of the advanced technology we have access to.

But let’s talk about the advantages of technology for fitness and how it makes our lives easier. We have access to a lot of information and we can get more knowledgeable.

I want to focus more on the benefits of the online personal training and classes.

  1. Affordability – If you want to train more than once a week with a personal trainer, 1-2-1 can be expensive. Online PT is much cheaper and you get a personalized programme that helps you achieve your goal.
  2. Access to an expert – Having an online trainer means that they don’t even have to be in the same city as you. Communication can be done via WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, email.
  3. Communication – How often do you check in with your trainer? If you think about it, never. The advantage of online training is the regular check-ins and you get more attention from your trainer.
  4. Results – Online, you have trackers and it is easier now to see your progress. Online trainers nowadays send you the program and videos with the exercises. You can always ask them questions and the answer is one text or image away.
  5. Motivation – Skeptics might say that if you don’t have the trainer in person is hard to be motivated and pushed. If you have a good trainer, you have weekly updates on your workouts and progress. There are no excuses anymore!

When it comes to classes, it is much more fun to be in the same room with other 15 – 20 people. Also, the lockdown has taught us to enjoy online classes more than before. You still have a connection with the other participants, and everything is done in the comfort of your home.

Even though there are plenty of free online classes available, we recommend paying for some of your workouts, and here’s why.

  1. Commitment and Accountability – We are more committed to something when money is involved. Even though there are countless free YouTube workouts, what commits you to actually doing them regularly? When you sign up for a specific class and pay for it, you’re more likely to attend. I suggest you sign up for several weeks at once to have the motivation to attend.
  2. It’s cheaper than the gym – When you compare the prices the gym membership is more expensive than the online classes.  Of course, you won’t have access to all the fancy equipment, fluffy towels, and a steam room at home. You can still get creative and use household items for your workouts.
  3. It helps you structure your day – Signing up for a live online class makes it a part of your schedule. Think about it like this: if you have an online meeting to attend, you plan your day around it, right? Your fitness class should work in the same way.
  4. You can connect with other people from around the world – Certain online fitness classes allow everyone’s video to be visible, adding a personal element. This is great if you’re missing human contact, or want to attend a class with a friend. Even if your class doesn’t allow you to see the other participants, there’s something special about watching your instructor live, rather than prerecorded. I have done a few prerecorded classes online, but it wasn’t the same no matter how inspirational the instructors were. I missed the live connection.
  5. It supports local business – A lot of businesses are struggling right now due to COVID-19 shutdowns. To keep the cash flowing, many of these businesses are switching to an online format. By signing up to take virtual classes with your favourite teachers, you’re helping ensure these businesses won’t go under. Furthermore, you’re also helping support the instructors, who might rely on these classes as their sole source of income.

One of my friends asked me to put a “personal touch” to my articles. She said that it is important for people to have the information but more important to know my personal experience in regards to every subject I’m writing about.

So, here we go…

When lockdown happened, everyone was surprised. We didn’t know how long we would be stuck indoors, we couldn’t go to the gym anymore.

We had to reset our lives.

When It all started, trainers and instructors moved online. On social media, there was an explosion of offers for classes and PT online. Being a very active person, I was struggling to adapt to my new life at the time, being stuck in the house all day. So I wasn’t interested in putting myself out there.

Same friend, Her name is Marie :), came up with the idea that I should start doing online classes for my clients and friends. I promised her I will think about it even though I wasn’t sure I would do it. My partner suggested I should go for it and with his support, I started my new journey in teaching online classes. It felt amazing right from the start and all my clients are happy and enjoy my crazy and creative workouts.

Moving online was one of the best moves I have made in my life. I have the chance to connect with my clients and spend time with my family at the same time. That makes a big difference in my life. I am happier and healthier than I was before lockdown.

Big thank you Marie for your support in pushing me!

I hope you enjoy reading this article.

If it does, I will see you online, either for PT or classes.

And, my friends, keep fighting!



  1. Sarah

    Miki is the best Personal Trainer. I have had the pleasure of been trained by her. Not only is a fab teacher but also she does it with passion and gives out so much positive love and care.
    Sarah R

    1. Miki

      Thank you Sarah. Love and care from start to the end!

  2. Marie

    I have had the pleasure of having Miki as a Personal trainer and I also do her online classes. I’ve got to say, the online classes are like having Miki in your home with you! Don’t be put off by the fact it isn’t face to face, Miki shares as much passion and gives as much attention as if she were right there in the room with you!

    Loving the ‘New Norm’!

    Thanks Miki! ❤️

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