Benefits of Inversions for health

Why inversions? Because a lot of people are reserved when it comes to positioning themselves upside down?

An inversion is a body position where the heart is higher than the head. It is mostly used in yoga and it has a lot of benefits. Some benefits bring us back to childhood, some are purely physical.

  1. The most important benefit is circulation improvement. Gravity helps to bring back ‘old’ blood from the extremities back to the heart, and fresh, oxygenated blood goes to the extremities, keeping them healthy for longer.
  2. Relax – ‘legs on the wall’ is a pose that calms the nervous system, producing feelings of calm and well being.
  3. Energize – ‘handstand’, ‘headstand’ and ‘forearm balance’ poses energize the body by moving blood to the brain, work on the body’s general balance. They also help to invigorate the body and mind.
  4. Improve body balance – ‘headstands’ and ‘handstands’ are the next step in obtaining great body balance.
  5. Increase core strength – getting in these poses and holding them requires good core strength.
  6. They are fun – Inversions give you a new perspective on life. When you execute these poses you feel playful and lighthearted.

If you have health conditions, I would suggest taking your time in learning these poses. If you really want to achieve them, make sure you are doing them with a yoga teacher or someone that has good knowledge about inversions.

Let me know what you think about this and if you are willing to try Inversions.

Until next time beautiful people!

Keep fighting!


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