The influence of media on our training

I’m going to start this article by saying that, unfortunately, media hasn’t had a positive impact on our training during recent years. You would think that with all the knowledge at your fingertip, training should be more consistent. In reality, we spend more time on our phones, less time training and again more time in the gym. You don’t need to spend 2 hours in the gym on your phone, browsing the internet in between the sets (rest as some will say) or taking selfies for Instagram, Facebook and or TikTok. But, you take pictures when you train, Miki, you may say. Wrong! I take pictures and videos before or after my workouts. I don’t have time for pictures when I train because I need to focus on the effect of training on my body.

That is why I don’t ask my clients to take pictures at the gym and send them to me. They don’t have time for that if they want results; they must focus on the training and the training only.

If I train them in person, I am the one taking the videos and the pictures 🙂

It might sound a little harsh, but this is my reality. I grew up without mobile phones, so I take training very seriously. I don’t like distractions when I train and as I say: “I like my workouts short and sweet”. All my clients laugh at me saying that the workouts are anything but sweet and it doesn’t matter if they are an hour or 45 minutes, they seem like an eternity 🙂

Nowadays the gyms are full with people with headphones on. There is no community spirit anymore. “Every man for himself!”

I miss that connection with people, strangers talking to each other and share experiences and opinions on training, life, weather, you name it. When you see someone wearing headphones, you don’t feel like disturbing them, it’s more of a message: “Do not talk to me!”

You may say: “But you wear headphones when you train!” YES! I do wear headphones sometimes, especially in the gym I work at because I want to be left alone to focus on my workout. Knowing everyone there, stopping and chatting about work, with every other person, it would kill my mojo. If I train in a gym where I am just a client I never wear headphones.

This is my opinion on spending time on your phone in the gym.

I know I can be strong headed, but I am genuine and I speak my mind. And some of you like me for that.

Keep fighting and never give up!


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