I was born on a cold winter of 1978 (long time ago,huh?) in a beautiful Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca. Since I was a little girl I liked sports, I played a bit of handball, a bit of gymnastics, but I didn’t feel inspired until I started Karate. Well, that sport/art became a big part of my life. I enjoyed everyday being on the tatami. I wasn’t attracted by the health side of the sport, but by the glory of becoming a champion. I am 1st Dan black belt in Karate, second in the European Championships, so I think I have done my part.

In my 20’s I decided that Karate had to be left in the past, as a part of my teens and I embarked on a new journey. I became a dancer. I was a part of a dancing crew for a few years. Being a dancer I came in contact with the feminine and gentle side of me. I loved dancing, being on a stage, having the lights and the eyes on me. But, all good things come to an end, so I started searching for new challenges.

Graduating Sports University and Master, I was still attracted to the sports world, but couldn’t find anything I liked. Until one day… when I started working as a group exercise instructor, that has become my new passion, my job, my world. I’ve been doing that for almost 20 years and I still love it, I still want to be the best at what I do.

In the meantime, something beautiful happened. I gave birth to my wonderful daughter named Petra. She is one of the most important people in my life, that kept me going when I hit the bottom. Yes, I did hit the bottom but when I was crying and depressed, that little girl cuddled up to me and helped me raise.

While still in Romania I discovered another passion, personal training. Helping people to achieve their goals, seeing their progress and hard work made me fall in love with this job.

I went to Norway for a few years, where I discovered a new world, met different people but the passion for fitness was the same. I enjoyed working there and I know I made a difference. After years, I still get messages from my clients and club members. That keeps me going!

After 4 years spent in beautiful Norway, I am here, in London for nearly 4 years. Another journey, another life, different people, beautiful people and beautiful places to discover. I am still passionate about fitness, more experienced now I’d say, and training people makes me feel important, keeps me fighting, keeps me going.

That’s me, simply Miki!

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