I started training people a long time ago (that doesn’t mean I’m old 😉 right?), this is something that has always given me a lot of satisfaction.

My clients always say that I’m tough, crazy, funny and stubborn, but in the end, what matters is that they have a good experience, they feel good and they see their results.

It’s not always the way that you look, I think it is more important the way you feel and how strong you are.
I have never liked this new trend of “before/after” pictures with people in their underwear showing the world how much weight they have lost or the muscle gain that goes on their personal trainer’s social media profiles.
That’s great people, well done!
But your trainer hasn’t done more than train you (creating the right program and motivate you), maybe advise you on what to eat.
I don’t believe It is their credit to take.
This is why you will never see pictures like that on any of my social media websites or on this website. I have way too much respect for the people I train.

It’s more important to see the progress, to see my clients’ body change, getting stronger, faster, and able to do things they couldn’t do before,
seeing them smile at the end of a hard session. That is my reward.

I have been an athlete my whole life and I love competition. I always want to be the best, therefore I constantly learn.

But now, my time as an athlete is over and my focus is to train others and teach what I have learned throughout my career.

I’m always expanding my knowledge and learning new techniques, things that I will share with you soon.

Until then, stay strong and never give up!

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