Being stuck indoors made me feel nostalgic, so I started looking at some of my old videos. A big smile came on my face seeing myself teaching years ago. I still cared about my participants, but I was different. With years I gained more experience, but the passion has remained the same.

I want to share my fitness journey with you, this way you will get to know me more and maybe understand my passion for my job better. With me you will have quality versus quantity, you will have a name, not a number. I will know what drives you, what makes you click and respond positively to a tough training; or to train when you feel like having a lay-in.

It is a 20 years journey, sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was hard, sometimes I wanted to give up thinking I wasn’t good enough. I am my worst critic, I don’t like the camera, don’t like being filmed (very strange in my field of work). But I am good with people and I know I can make a difference.

One other thing you need to know about me: I NEVER GIVE UP!

Enjoy watching the videos and if you want more, leave a comment here and share the article if you want or if you think that your friends might like to know me.

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  1. Claire McCarthy

    Hi Miki
    I’m Claire McCarthy from the Spa (spin & combat classes).
    Would you be interested in doing outdoor training in my communal gardens in Beckenham?
    I would maybe have 10 friends ?
    If you would be interested- give me a shout. I’d LOVE to do one of your workouts!

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