“Miki, me and my progress”. That is how Frances started her testimony.

I met Frances a few years back at the gym where I work and we clicked right away. She is an amazing 75 going on 55 year old woman. She is strong and funny and beautiful in every way. I look up to her, wishing I will be like her (full of life and joy) at 75.

I asked her to write a few words about our training together, to share it with you. This way you’ll get to know me better and you’ll trust me training and motivating you.

Here goes Frances:

“Miki, me and my progress.

When I first joined the gym I was asked what I wanted to achieve and I replayed that I wanted to get fit for old age!

When I met Miki we instantly bonded and that has gone from strength to strength: she has been wonderfully helpful both with my exercise and my mental health issues.

She really pushes me hard (and harder each week) because I can and want to!!!

And we laugh a lot.

I feel so well, positive and vibrant after my workout with Miki and she has enhanced my life 100%.

Thank you Miki! “

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