Being good at your job. What does that mean? It means you put time, passion, knowledge and a lot of you as a person into what you do. It is all about finding the right balance. It is about what you give as a personal trainer and what you receive as feedback from your clients.

Some of the clients end up becoming a friend but that doesn’t change the way I train them.

I was telling you in a previous post, that I am not keen on before/after pictures. I am NOT. Therefore, I will share with you one of my clients testimony.

My client/friend Marie.

“July 2019.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Miki as my personal trainer since April this year. In these last 3 months, I am already starting to notice the transformation, in lots of areas.

I can honestly say that when I signed up for ‘the job’ with Miki, I had it in my mind, the usual cliche quotes we tell ourselves.. ‘I want to lose weight’ I want to be slim’ and ‘I want to tone up’. I have soon realized by Miki’s teaching, the importance of and how great it is to feel stronger and to recognize your metabolism shoot up, making exercise and activities that much easier. Yes, in 3 months!

Miki has a very no nonsense approach. She pushes you to your limit, whatever it is that day, but without making a song and dance about it. In this cool and calm but effective manner, it is this method that makes you believe that you ‘can do it’ and she’s there with you every step of the way, encouraging you, but also noticing every nuance of movement, strength and muscular development and improvement from the week before ! She truly is amazing!

The work I do for a living is very physically demanding and unfortunately have recently developed tendonitis in my wrist which has effected my training hugely! Lucky for me, Miki has the knowledge to adapt my training regime so as not to incorporate the use of my wrist, but after time, to help strengthen the weakness, gently encouraging me to test the waters. This care alone is so much appreciated and needed.

I still obviously have some work to do and I have very quickly learnt to love training and now, can’t wait for our sessions! Magic does not happen overnight and whilst my muscular development and toning is coming on leaps and bounds, Miki often reminds me, it’s results with consistency that’s so much more important than immediate results. This has opened up my mind to doing pt for the different reasons I started off with 3 months ago and to view it as a longer goal, to actually achieve everything I want… and more!

Thank you Miki! “

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